Class Sessions
Choose a Session
Visiting from out of town or from another box ? No problem !  Feel free to drop-in and hop into one of our classes. **CrossFit experience required.
Limit: 1 Class
Programs: CrossFit, Open Gym
Location: DTLV Gym
Free Trial
1 Day Free Trial/Intro CrossFit session **
New to CrossFit ? Come in and give it a try for FREE.
1 Business Day (Monday thru Saturday)
Must be a Las Vegas local.
Limit: 1 Class
Programs: CrossFit, Open Gym, ROMWOD
Location: DTLV Gym
10 Session Punchcard
10 Classes Punch Card. CrossFit and/or Open Gym.
Perfect for those with travel/work schedules who cannot commit to a monthly membership. "Card" does not expire and can be used however/whenever you choose or are available to attend.
**Must have CrossFit Experience
Limit: 10 Sessions
Programs: CrossFit, Mayhem - At Home, Mayhem - Bodybuilding, Mayhem - Endurance, Mayhem - Kids (5-8 yrs), Mayhem - L.I.F.E., Mayhem - Pre Teens (9-13 yrs), Mayhem - Running, Mayhem - Spin, Mayhem - Teens (14-17 yrs), Open Gym
LocationsDTLV Gym
Drop-In: 4 Class Punchcard
Visiting from out of town and plan on coming in for more than 1 class ? We got you !
** 4 Class Sessions: First drop-in class fee is $20 and $10 each additional class.
Limit: 4 Sessions
Programs: CrossFit, Open Gym
LocationsDTLV Gym
Drop-In: Day-by-Day Class Pass
Drop-In Day-by-Day Class Pass (Pay as you go AFTER first Drop-In session)
$10 per class **Must have CrossFit experience. This is not a trial class
Limit: 1 Sessions
Programs: CrossFit, Open Gym
LocationsDTLV Gym