Class Packs
Choose a Pack
Visiting from out of town or from another box ? No problem !  Feel free to drop-in and hop into one of our classes. **CrossFit experience required.
Limit: 1 Class
Programs: CrossFit, Open Gym
Location: DTLV Gym
Free Trial
3 Day Free Trial/Intro CrossFit session **
New to CrossFit or looking for a CrossFit gym ?? Come in and give us a try for FREE.
3 Business Days (Monday thru Saturday)
Must be a Las Vegas local. No experience required
Limit: 3 Classes
Programs: CrossFit, Open Gym, ROMWOD
Location: DTLV Gym
10 Session Punchcard
10 Classes Punch Card. CrossFit and/or Open Gym.
Perfect for those with travel/work schedules who cannot commit to a monthly membership. "Card" does not expire and can be used however/whenever you choose or are available to attend.
**Must have CrossFit Experience
Limit: 10 Classes
Programs: CrossFit, Mayhem - At Home, Mayhem - Bodybuilding, Mayhem - Endurance, Mayhem - Kids (5-8 yrs), Mayhem - L.I.F.E., Mayhem - Pre Teens (9-13 yrs), Mayhem - Running, Mayhem - Spin, Mayhem - Teens (14-17 yrs), Open Gym
LocationsDTLV Gym
Drop-In: 4 Class Punchcard
Visiting from out of town and plan on coming in for more than 1 class ? We got you !
** 4 Class Sessions: First drop-in class fee is $20 and $10 each additional class.
Limit: 4 Classes
Programs: CrossFit, Open Gym
LocationsDTLV Gym
Drop-In: Day-by-Day
Drop-In Day-by-Day Class Pass (Pay as you go AFTER first Drop-In session)
$10 per class **Must have CrossFit experience. This is not a trial class
Limit: 1 Classes
Programs: CrossFit, Open Gym
LocationsDTLV Gym
Fundraiser Workout in honor of Katy Perry's Firework Foundation.

"The Firework Foundation’s mission is to empower children from underserved communities
by igniting their inner light through the arts."
Limit: 1 Classes
Programs: CrossFit
LocationsDTLV Gym
From $10.00